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Definition of the structure of operations (BOO), working methods and standard production times.

Balancing of resources required in work cells or assembly line stations. SMED analysis support for rapid product changeovers.

Control panel and support for the piloting of industrialisation processes, maintenance of all documentation related to the process.

Operations, Methods and Times of Work

Synchronise ERP and its component structure (BOM) as well as the definition at various levels of the elementary operations or work elements with the attributes that characterise each work station, work tools, machines and work centres, control guidelines, ergonomic analysis of the work stations and the lists of components that correspond to each operation of the process.

These studies can be applied to a product or to product families or models, and all the data can be integrated into a single information base. The necessary documentation for each workstation, work instructions and visual aids are also generated in an automated way.

Balancing Work Cells

Simulation of the most optimal scenarios for balancing the resources required at the workstations according to the products and models to be manufactured. For each scenario, the technical documentation for each workstation is automatically generated, as well as the list of components and resources required.

Optionally, a standardised information base of operations and models can be used to automate as much as possible the process of simulating scenarios according to the estimated production, available human resources or available jobs. All the information initially recorded in the method and time studies is maintained consistently throughout the process.

Industrialisation Management

It allows the management of multiple projects simultaneously, following the stages and milestones predefined for each company, the decision criteria and criticality at each stage, and linking the necessary documentation in a single shared knowledge base. The system integrates with the different information editing applications (Bestplant, Word, Excel…).

It includes a visualisation in the form of a project Gantt for the management of time and resources and a visualisation in the form of a dashboard that allows a very visual understanding of the state of progress of the projects as a whole.

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