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Definition and organisation of preventive maintenance plans.

Allows the operator to define and execute maintenance orders, both corrective and preventive.

Definition and management of all information relating to productive assets and their control parameters.

Maintenance planning

Creation of a database with the preventive maintenance plans associated with each piece of equipment, which can be applied according to the time frequency or condition of use of the equipment. These plans contain detailed information on the activities to be carried out and may include visual aids and electronic intervention manuals.

The information required for each intervention is automatically presented to the user when the equipment is identified or according to the scheduled maintenance order.

Maintenance Order Management

Through a registration panel or a tablet, the operator can visualise the planned maintenance orders or include a corrective action. The operator has aids for the organisation of actions, their criticality, expected duration, allocation of spare parts consumption and a control panel for monitoring the effectiveness of the work carried out, cost, duration…

It allows the identification of the equipment to be maintained and the planned actions. The operator has visual aids and access to plans, work instructions, videos, in order to facilitate his work and improve his learning of the job.

Management of Equipment, Tools and Tools

Each company asset can be uniquely defined and identified in the system, maintaining the relationships between equipment, components, spare parts, etc. It also allows the determination of the ideal technical operating parameters and their value ranges.

Each asset can be documented with manufacturer information, user manuals, videos and other relevant operational information. Component and spare part references associated with each asset are also defined for better control of stocks and costs related to each maintenance action.

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