Building on well-defined and documented operational structures.

Establish relevant indicators and their measurement criteria.

Piloting of processes in real time and management of inefficiencies.

Definition and assessment of work processes

We support our clients in the analysis and definition of work positions, methods and times. The management and standardisation of working times is carried out by combining different market tools (video-Crono, MTM1, MTM2, MTMuas, Formulas…) for the optimisation of the production plant and workstations.

How to optimise in-plant planning and sequencing

We optimise our clients’ in-plant production planning and sequencing, ensuring that company resources are used effectively and high-quality goods or services are produced in a timely and cost-effective manner. We help organise work and optimise operational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction. 

How to digitise quality control

Integrating digital forms into a company’s quality control processes helps to minimise errors and predict product defects. This involves the use of pre-defined forms to collect, analyse and manage data related to the quality of products or services. Real-time data collection and processing facilitates alarm management and decision making, especially important for industries with continuous production processes. 

Improve machine availability

Real-time monitoring of the performance, status and operating conditions of machines used in a production environment significantly improves machine availability and thus production capacity. Through the use of sensors and connected devices that collect data on key parameters such as temperature, pressure, speed, vibration and energy consumption of the machines. Machine monitoring and availability analysis are key tools for optimising the efficiency and performance of production equipment, improving productivity and reducing costs. 

Reduction of machine downtime

It is of great importance to evolve the equipment from corrective to preventive maintenance, with good planning based on the actual use of the equipment, anticipating failures and thereby improving its level of availability. This reduction of equipment failures requires a good analysis of the equipment, the root cause of common failures and preparing maintenance guidelines appropriately. 

How to control product traceability

There is an increasing demand for supply chain management with the origin of raw materials, control of in-plant processes and the origin of raw materials, in order to obtain full traceability of manufactured products. Our products and services solution covers all stages of a traceability project, providing greater visibility and control over all stages of the supply chain, improving quality, safety and efficiency in the production and distribution of products.

Layout design and plant layout

With layout design we can plan the physical arrangement of machines, equipment and workstations in a production plant. The aim is to minimise travel, reduce downtime and improve the flow of work in production plants.

How we eliminate excess paper in the plant

The elimination of paper in a production plant is becoming essential considering the increasing volume of references and product models, and with shorter and shorter series. The cost and number of errors associated with maintaining information manually is forcing companies to rapidly digitise work instructions, quality controls and visual aids.

Accompanying the management of improvement projects

Improvement projects involve the identification of improvement opportunities, their definition and project planning. In addition to a good follow-up in the execution of the project and obtaining results. Good project management increases the efficiency of improvement teams, improves the quality of results and reduces the costs of investment in improvements. Our services of accompanying change and dynamisation of the teams provide greater effectiveness in the work and improve the competitiveness of the company.

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