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Definition of improvement plans associated with corporate objectives, management of calendars and personnel associated with each task.

Definition and organisation of improvement ideas, characterisation and associated documentation. Allows for rapid action or the definition of the necessary action plan.

Organisation of the improvement actions, their origin and criticality, as well as the tasks to be carried out, timetable and assigned resources.

Target Planning

Relation between corporate objectives and future plans and ideas for improvement, cost control and progress. Aggregation of all ideas linked to each objective.

On an ongoing basis, operations managers can visualise the work associated with each objective, its contribution and progress status.

Management of Improvement Ideas

Ideas mailbox open to anyone or ideas from any product on the platform. Allow the characterisation of ideas, attach technical documentation, photos or other informative material on the subject.

The processing of ideas allows the generation of immediate actions (quick wins), which are not considered and which are included in a history base for future interventions, or the definition of a more structured analysis and improvement plan (PDCA methodology). Likewise, a follow-up of ideas presented, being followed up or abandoned is carried out.

Kanban of Improvement Actions/Tasks

For each person involved in the improvement projects, the tracking of their actions and tasks is facilitated with a visual Kanban. This way, the operator can change the status of each action and document all his activities in a very easy way.

All the information is updated in real time in both the PDCA and the project Gantt. Information is also updated on the status of compliance with the objective to which it contributes, and on the scorecard and indicators for improvement plans.

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