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Definition and optimisation of scenarios for the planning of work orders, according to criteria of resource availability at finite load.

A complementary function to the Planner that allows to monitor the orders in progress with data collected from the plant in real time and to manage the necessary changes.

It enables the integration of an advanced finite load scheduler and task sequencer with MES solutions on the market, e.g. Infoline from Bestplant..

Production Planning

The planner’s working environment has a knowledge base of work orders from an ERP or created directly in the system, which, according to demand criteria, can be selected and simulate different alternative scenarios depending on the availability of materials, personnel and equipment.

The Gantt utilities allow you to visualise the selected orders, the dependencies between them, the tasks into which they may be divided and the estimated load of resources necessary for their fulfilment. The schedules can be made for different periods of time and can be supported by the “short-time scheduling” module to monitor the state of progress in real time and take short-term actions and adjust loads of the initially planned schedule.

Short-Time Scheduling

A complementary function to the Planner that allows the monitoring of orders in progress with data collected in real time from the plant or transferred from another system and to manage the necessary changes in the day-to-day organisation of work in the plant. The product analyses the data in real time and manages alerts to communicate with the people affected by changes in planning, incidents due to unscheduled stoppages, lack of material or quality problems. With this, the person in charge of the plant or planning can make the relevant variations on the planned sequencing of tasks.

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